Carl Southern


I am a MFAA certified mortgage broker who is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and, in turn, their dreams. I have been in the property industry for 6 years and have a strong background in customer service and pride myself in maintaining great relationships with my clientele.

With access to a great variety of lenders, my role is to align you with the best product to suit your needs. Sometimes, we think that we need to stick to one lender and it will be easier or we will get a reward for our loyalty. Unfortunately, we are now in a world of business where we never know if we are getting the best deal.

As a broker, it’s my job and privilege to meet you and find out what you’re looking to do – then with that information, find you the lender who is going to provide you with what YOU NEED.

Whether you’re someone fresh, looking to get into the market, or a seasoned borrower, I can assist you with your enquiry and would be delighted to meet with you over a coffee to discuss your opportunities.

We look at your asset position, liabilities and credit history to define your financial position and, in turn, find out what kind of opportunities we can introduce you to.

In summary, I look forward to meeting you and discussing what I can do for YOU – whether it be a second opinion on your home loan or understanding your options to attain your first home.

Talk to you soon,